Are You Above or Below Average?

Compare Your Height above or below average?

Compare Your Height above or below average?

This episode is supported by Skillshare. How do you compare your height above or below average?

Do you ever wonder how you stack up to others for example in North America if you’re a male who is taller than five foot nine or woman taller than five foot three then you’re above average and if you weigh less than eighty eight-point three kilograms and seventy four-point seven kilograms then you’re below average worldwide however humans actually weigh sixty two kilograms on average if you read less than twelve books a year your below average but avid readers likely inflate this number with four books per year being the most common number reported and if you can read faster than three hundred words per minute your above average take more than forty words per minute and you’re also faster than the majority if you finish a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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