Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolates?

It’s hard to say ‘no’ to puppy eyes

Why Can't Dogs Eat Chocolates?

If you have a dog you’ve probably heard that chocolate will make your pets sick and that also applies to other pets like cats rats and mice but that just doesn’t seem fair why do we get to go to town on a giant bar of dark chocolate?

There are generally not too interested in it but dogs sure are your average adult human would need to eat about eight kilograms of dark chocolate to get a lethal dose of but a medium-sized dog would only need to eat about one kilogram and a house cat would only need a tenth of a kilogram sweeter chocolates have less the Ober only and so the lethal dose is higher about five kilograms of milk chocolate for dogs and about a third of a kilogram for cats but they’d be sick long before eating that much Meanwhile you and I would have to eat about half of our body weight in milk chocolate for a lethal dose which might sound wonderful but I don’t want to see any of you writing challenge accepted in the comments because you’d be very sick way before finishing them much talk among other things I’m trying very hard not to picture what that would do to your digestive system but the next time you decide to indulge in a chocolate bar or three just keep it to yourself no matter how long your dog gives you that adorable puppy.

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